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thomas-and-julie-internshipThomas & Julie Clyde

The Clydes are serving their internship in Cambodia.

Thomas Home State: Florida

Julie Home State: South Carolina

Starting date: November 2013

Testimony coming soon!





MeeeeeCheyenne Freeman

Cheyenne is raising support to go to Malawi.

Starting date: September 2013     Home state: Pennsylvania

“Go, send, or disobey.” These words from John Piper rocked my world. This realization hit me hard as a high school freshman. How can I spend my life doing anything but serving the Lord? What have I been doing sitting around my whole life? I had to go.

I went on my first Teen Missions team when I was twelve. The summer of 2007 spent in France sparked a fire for missions in my heart, although I did not realize yet. The next year I went to Nicaragua, and that was all it took; I fell in love with missions.

In ninth grade, one day our chapel speaker was a missionary to South America. He was a pilot who delivered medicine and food to unreached people in the jungles. His story was captivating; he had such faith, trusting God with his life, his safety, and his needs. The Lord whispered to me that this was what He had for me: to be a missionary and messenger. I could not see myself doing anything else.

It has been an adventure getting to this point. All my struggles have shaped me into a tool for the Lord’s work. He‘s gifted me to reach people. He’s placed the right people in my life to mentor, support and encourage. I‘m thankful for BMW; I don’t know what I would have done otherwise! God is good and faithful in His abundant provisions, unconditional love, and boundless grace. I‘m learning and getting to know Him more each day!

Prayer Requests: 

– Guidance in where God will have me serve full time

– Continual hunger and growth in Jesus

– Faithfulness in little things



Grace Freuler

Grace is serving her internship at the Teen Missions base in Florida. She is working in the kitchen.

Starting date: September 2013     Home state: Tennessee

C.S. Lewis said, “There are only two kinds of people: Those who say to God, ‘Thy will be done,’ and those to whom God says, in the end, ‘Thy will be done.’” For years, I fit into the latter category. I did not want to do what God wanted me to do. In fact, I did the opposite.

In December of 2012, He brought me to my lowest point and I finally gave in to God’s call and applied to BMW. I am the daughter of two former team members with Teen Missions, my grandparents have been volunteers in the past, and my brother and I have both been on teams. Because of this, I knew the reputation of this school. I knew I needed more structure in my life, and I knew this school would provide that and so much more. It would be the ideal place for me to rebuild my faith from the ground up.

My first year was filled with mental and physical health problems. Yet, during the summer, I was able to participate in one-on-one street evangelism, and I learned to know what I believe and how to articulate that to the people around me. I had to learn my Scripture and know how to explain the Gospel to complete strangers.

In my time here God changed me in ways that I could not have imagined before I came. I am finally in His plan and have a thriving relationship with my heavenly Father. Although I still have a lot of growing to do, I am excited to follow in the way God wants me to go.

Prayer requests:

– My health

– Growth in my relationship with God

– Focused during my internship



Erika Holmes

Erika is serving her internship in Malawi.

Starting date: September 2013     Home state: Pennsylvania

I went on my first Teen Missions trip in 2010, to Indiana. It was on this team that I heard about BMW. Because of the many areas that I knew God wanted to work on in my life, I knew He wanted me at BMW. I knew BMW would help me with my relationship with God. I am learning a lot and still struggle, but I know God is still working in me.

“God is within her, she will not fall.” Psalm 46:5


brettcarlyBrett & Carly Moyer

Brett & Carly are raising support to serve in Ecuador.

Brett’s Home State: Ohio

Carly Home State: Illinois

Starting Date: Spring 2014

Brett and I both experienced God’s call to missions work, and started our time at BMW in February 2014. We quickly developed an easy friendship. Our relationship grew closer when we went on the Indiana Evangelism team in 2014, which eventually led to courtship. We got engaged in September of 2015, and finished our schooling at BMW in June of 2016. We went home that summer thinking about our internship. On October 1st of 2016, we were married in Ohio at the campground Brett’s family runs. While we were there, we decided, with leading from God that we were called to go to Ecuador for our internship. We have come back to Teen Missions to start our internship, and plan out our journey for the next year of our marriage as we serve here. We are excited to see what God is going to do in and through us as we serve with Teen Missions this year.

Prayer request

– Support to come in (both prayer and financial)

– Growth in our marriage this year

– God’s will to be complete for this year in our lives 

– Understanding of what God wants us to do after our internship. 


Summer Phillips

Summer is serving her internship in Malawi.

Starting Date: September 2013     Home State: Colorado

Thank you to all those who are praying for BMW students and interns.

I am from Canon City, Colorado. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was four years old, but of course one never fully understands what that means until they are older. Because I grew up in a Christian family, I went to church every Sunday, and always attended youth groups. Yet, I never actually understood what being a Christian meant.

On my fourteenth birthday, my grandfather died from cancer. During that week of mourning, I was very depressed and regretted a lot of things I did during the time he was sick. Through the whole week, I was not thinking straight and made some mistakes that I could not forgive myself. I began telling myself that God would never forgive me for what I did, because it felt unforgivable.

Then in 2011, I went on a summer team to Peru and had my eyes opened for the first time in two years. I finally realized that God does forgive me. I realized He loves me so much that what I did in the past was forgiven. In 2012, I went on another team to Peru. While at debrief, God told me that I was going to go the one place I did not want to go to for college: BMW. I can see that this is where I belong and that God is doing wonders in my life.

My goals include growing in my knowledge of the Bible, growing closer to God, and beginning to show Christ in my life wherever I go.

Prayer Requests:

– Unity among the students

– Perseverence and dedication to our commitments

– Growth in my relationship with God and my love for Him, and a greater desire to serve Him in all I do.



Justin & Felicia Saffer

 The Saffers are serving their internship in Florida. Justin is working in the video department and Felicia is in finance.

Justin: Starting Date: Spring 2014     Home State: South Carolina

Felicia: Starting Date: September 2013     Home State: Missouri

My name is Felicia and my husband’s name is Justin; and we are the Saffers! 

Justin and I met at Teen Missions BMW in September of 2013 and became friends. Justin went home for a couple terms so he could recover his health and get some answers after his seizure condition grew more severe. When he returned, we continued our friendship until eventually feelings grew into more than friends. After courting for a time, we were married on December 19th, 2015. We are currently serving our internship with Teen Missions at the Florida International Headquarters. 

God has most definitely changed our lives. We enjoy helping Orsino Baptist Church by being involved with their AWANA ministry. I play flute during the worship time in our morning and evening services on Sundays. 

Prayer requests:

– Our marriage to be made stronger during our time here.  

– God to provide our daily and monthly needs. 

– Felicia’s family to come to salvation in Christ. 

– Justin’s dad to come to salvation in Christ. 

– Wisdom as we prepare to complete our time here at Teen Missions and have a smart plan after. 


10801650_403864789763021_4230572858573959646_nLila Touchstone

Lila is serving her internship in Malawi.

Starting Date: September 2013     Home State: Mississippi

I became a Christian at a very young age and always had a desire to serve God through missions. So when I heard about Teen Missions Int’l at age nine, I immediately started raising the money to come. My first team went to Honduras at age eleven, and seeing the living conditions for the people there really changed me. That first mission trip was followed by three more to the countries of Belize, Suriname, and Trinidad. While in Trinidad, I felt the definite leading of the Lord to BMW as the next step in His will for my life. My desire has always been to serve God first and foremost, and He has taught me so much since coming here. I am so thankful for the Lord’s leading here. I know that the things I have learned will have helped me better serve my Lord in Malawi.

Prayer requests:

– Prayer for wisdom in seeking God’s direction after my internship

gon-tim-49323Timothy Gon

Starting Date: October 2014

Home State: Arizona

Testimony: I have enjoyed and appreciated my tie here in BMW. Coming here is another testimony and story in itself, but God has made it possible for me to be here Although I’m here, that doesn’t mean I’ve never struggled. There have been countless times where I was taught to depend on God. My relationship with God is probably the biggest thing. God has definitely given me a desire to know Him through His Word and prayer.

My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Psalm 73:26 ESV

unnamedKeisha Lazenby

Starting Date: Fall 2014

Home State: North Carolina

Testimony: Every day of my life was a constant “when will I get this day over with?” type of thing. I never really cared about anything but myself, and was constantly disobeying my mom and degrading myself. Though I was a Christian, but I never really lived out my faith, I never shared the Gospel. I was mean and did not care for others. Then I heard about Teen Missions International. I decided to go to Africa on a mission trip. It completely changed my life. I was feeling this thing called “love” like I never had before and I loved others; not because I wanted to, but because I was learning that that’s what God wants of me.

When I went home, I was faced with my past and all that I had done wrong. Wanting to get out of the house again, I applied to BMW. I wanted to go to school, but wasn’t sure where, or what God  planned for me. Knowing that it would only be a couple years of my life, I didn’t really care. And when I got my acceptance letter, I knew it was real. Now that I am here at BMW, I am learning that this is serious business, you don’t come to BMW for no reason. If you come to BMW, you come because God has an amazing plan for your life.

Prayer requests:

Mindy Potter

Starting Date: Fall 2014     Home State: Florida

Testimony: I have known since I was ten years old that I would be a missionary. God called me at a young age, through going on Teen Missions summer teams, to serve Him with my whole life. Being involved with Teen Missions, I heard every summer about BMW and had many leaders who were BMW students. I know BMW can provide the hands-on and spiritual training I will need wherever God leads. Jesus gave His life for me, so that I may have life. This life He has given I will pour out for Him.

But may it never be that I would boast, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.

Galatians 6:14 NASB

Prayer requests:

  Humility and patience, to be teachable, selfless, and Spirit led

– Clarity in where God will have me serve after BMW

– That I make the most of the time I have here

10154446_4210119189404_2228594883591974898_nElijah White

Starting Date: January 2015     Home State: Michigan

Testimony: I met Jesus when I was about eight years old. My family was putting a puzzle together, and we had one piece left. My mom explained to me that Jesus was like that piece, and that He was the only One that would fit the hole in my heart. She also explained that people try to use other things to fill the hole, but those “things” do not work.

When I graduated high school, I looked for a job. I reminded God that I did not know what He wanted me to do, so I was going to go down the path of getting a job, and if He wanted me to do something else, to make it clear. I got a job and was fired in less than a month! So I went back to look for something to do. I could not find anyone that was hiring in my area.

My mom found BMW online, and I started to consider the possibility attending school. The next day I drove over an hour for a job interview, only to find that they moved to a new location. On my way to the appointment my phone died, so I could not find the building. After that I got the hint, and I applied to BMW, but initially was told there was no room. I waited for a couple months and finally received my acceptance letter.

When I was preparing to attend BMW, I saw God provide. I got a temporary job, and one of my dad’s friends paid for the plane tickets for my dad and I to travel to Florida. I truly believe that I am supposed to be serving at Teen Missions.

Prayer requests:

– Continued growth in my relationship with God

– Focused on my studies here at school

– Unity among the students

12243338_855382181242906_7569045536671213965_nEmily White

Starting Date: Fall 2014     Home State: Iowa

Testimony: God is beyond good to us when we wait patiently and obey Him. Before attending BMW, I lived a selfish, worldly life. I had no idea what I was getting into when I applied to BMW. Moving to Florida to learn about Jesus sounded good to me! Through being here, I have matured, even in little things.

Having come to understand what it means to have a personal relationship with God, I am grateful! I have learned the power of prayer, and that God wants me to be vulnerable with Him, though He already knows my heart. I have learned things about myself that I never knew. Things I’ve struggled with and hidden for years have surfaced, and been faced. Though sometimes it hurts, the freedom is worth it.I’m thankful for the mind of Christ, and learning how to make His thoughts my thoughts. I’m thankful the Lord is in control, because He makes life better. I have experienced His faithfulness and answers to prayers in countless ways.

I’m not saying I’m never selfish, or I don’t struggle, because I still do. But when I do, I can lay it at my Savior’s feet. There are endless things to learn, and sometimes life gets really overwhelming when I try to take it all in at once. I have learned to step back and cast my anxieties on God. When life gets hard, when I have to fight my flesh, and when the fight seems impossible, God is still good. I couldn’t be more thankful for what God has taught me BMW. The lifelong relationships I have cultivated, and the memories and adventures I can hold onto for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t trade this experience!

Prayer Requests:

– Obedience to the Lord’s leading in all circumstances

– Raising the funds needed for my internship beginning in 2017

– Not allowing my emotions to effect or control my actions

11855812_813793332068458_6534024036708825749_nJessica Wiggins

Starting Date: Fall 2014     Home State: Idaho

Testimony: I came to know Christ at the age of eleven because I could see God working through those around me. I lived in a Christian children’s home for failed adoptions. They provided a home in which we received the best care possible with a home-like atmosphere of love, structure, discipline, caring people, and no persecution of faith. As time went on, I delved right into my relationship with the Lord. Now I am doing so on a much deeper and broader level.

I learned about BMW on my first mission trip in 2012 on the Borneo/Indonesia team and thought about coming. It was definitely not on my priority list until my junior year of high school. In 2013, I was bombarded with the questions of what I wanted from life. I want to not only have a deeper relationship with the Lord, but also spread the Gospel of Christ wherever I go. Anyone can be a missionary wherever they go, whether it be here or in a different country.

I need the training that is necessary to be faithful and fearless in my walk with Christ; BMW provides this with a fun and hard curriculum that is ultimately rewarding. I am so excited to see how God molds and fashions me and how He is going to work through the staff and other students to do this. When I leave BMW, I will be a completely different person than now, and I am confident that God is going to stretch and use me in new and mysterious ways. I ask that you would join me in this by taking time to pray for me.

Prayer requests:

 I would stay faithful and diligent in classes and duties required of me here

– God would continue to mold me into a woman of God that is capable and strong in the Lord

– For strength to adjust to the time and schedule and persevere to keep up with it

11000588_10205498432607678_8105887690669124873_nJeremiah Yonnie

Starting Date: Fall 2014     Home State: Arizona

Testimony: I grew up in a Christian home, going to church, and being a “good Christian”. When I was young, I accepted Christ, but didn’t know the reason why I was becoming a Christian. I attended church every Sunday, I heard all the stories and teachings. I became ignorant and prideful from going to church all the time, and had the mindset, “Oh, I’ve heard this before”, or, “I already know this.”

By my teen years, I was spiritually tired and didn’t want to attend church anymore. I got involved in Children’s ministry, for the wrong reasons- friends, somewhere to go, something to do. I wasn’t involved because I loved God, but for fun. What I didn’t realize was God’s plan, and that He wanted to use me.

In my junior year, problems started adding up. My parents were ready to split, and one of my best friends was going to prison. God used this to bring me closer to Him. When my parents split, we stopped attending church. First I thought, “Yeah! No more church!”. As time went on, things just seemed to be getting harder. I started missing church… the people, the worship, and the fellowship. I started catching rides to church from friends. That’s when I could honestly say I was a Christian. I wasn’t doing it to have the “perfect life”. I went to church and dug into God’s word, which made me realize that without God, there is no me. Through that, God brought me closer to Him.

Later, the leader of our children’s ministry was falsely accused, and was going to prison. It seemed like everyone was stressed about it, except for him. He seemed to have peace. I asked him, “Aren’t you scared of what’s going to happen?” He told me God was letting it happen for a reason and we couldn’t do anything about it. That made me want peace and loyalty to God. So I started teaching youth and children’s classes in church.

12096270_934985183256387_5142202181882774881_nDaniel Zettlemoyer

Starting Date: Fall 2014     Home State: Pennsylvania

Testimony: My first experience with Christ was when I was six years old. I watched the Jesus Film with my family and I felt very convicted by the Holy Spirit to accept Jesus as my Savior. I “prayed the prayer” at the end of the movie. This made me feel good. Yet I didn’t make any real spiritual changes in my life. I was basically your average so-called Christian hypocrite. Of course, that led to a variety of sin problems in my life.

I was going to church and youth group and doing all the things my parents expected me to do. I only did them out of obligation, only to please my parents. My sin was starting to affect my everyday life. I had a difficult time making friends because I was so consumed with myself. Finally, I got so sick of the way I was living that I had to make a choice: either wallow in my sin, or let my true Master have complete control over my life. I chose the latter and I haven’t looked back. Everything about my new life as a disciple of Christ satisfies me to the fullest and I have no desire to return to my old life with its problems and consequences. The Lord makes life truly satisfying.

Prayer requests:

– Contentment to be a slave for the Lord.

– The Holy Spirit will move in me and use me to further His Kingdom.

– I will look for ways to make and encourage disciples.

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