One-Year Internship

2011_Cameroon_Teen_058 Following six terms of academic training, BMW students will put their training into practice. Internship will get to serve the Lord with Teen Missions either in Florida or internationally. There are many opportunities for service in Teen Missions! Help run an Overseas Boot Camp, work with orphans, or teach in one of the BMWs around the world. You could also be part of the support team in the Florida office that makes all these other ministries possible.

Part of preparing for your internship includes developing your own ministry support team. This will also put into practice some of the things you have learned in classes. To raise prayer and financial support, you will write prayer letters to inform people of their plans and progress and preparations made for a year of service (passport, paperwork, belongings, etc.). Upon completion of two years of study, work training, and the one-year internship, a “Diploma in Bible” is presented to graduating students.

What could your internship look like?

Just a quick glimpse into how our BMW interns have served around the world.

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