Course Descriptions

Analysis (3 Hours): An in-depth, analytical look at the Word of God and the early church. You will study the lives of the great early Christians – Peter, Barnabas, Paul, etc.

I.  Book of Acts

II. Book of Romans

Biblical Psychology (3 Hours): Basic counseling included. Take a look at psychology from a Biblical perspective, using the text book, Biblical Psychology, by Oswald Chambers.
Christian Evidences (2 Hours): How we can trust and rely on the Scriptures, using the text book, Evidence that Demands a Verdict, by Josh McDowell. Learn how to defend our faith, apologetics.
Church History (2 Hours):

I.   Ancient Church History to Medieval History

II.  Medieval History to the Reformation

III. Reformation to present-day church.

Discipleship (2 Hours): Learning how to fulfill the Great Commission through different methods of discipleship.
Doctrine (3 Hours): Discover what God’s Word says on specific doctrinal issues. Know what you believe and why you believe it. The text book is Elemental Theology, by Emery H. Bancroft.

I.  Bibliology – Where and how of our Bible.

II.  Theology/Christology – The Doctrine of God and Christ.

III. Pneumatology – The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

IV. Soteriology/Ecclesiology/Angelology – Doctrines relating to salvation, the church and angels.

Ethics (2 Hours): Discuss moral issues such as abortion, war, drinking, pre-marital sex, etc. Discover how to live a godly life in today’s society by finding a Biblical perspective on various issues.
General Epistles (3 Hours): A look at the early letters to the churches and the saints – Hebrews; James; I and II Peter; I, II and III John; and Jude.
Geography  (2 Hours): An interesting study of Bible lands, wilderness wanderings, and missionary journeys. Discover the world of geography in the Bible.
Grammar/Math (2 Hours): What you need to know about the basics of reading and writing as well as the math you will need to do basic finances.
Hermeneutics (2 Hours): Science and the art of interpreting the Scripture. What does the Bible really say? Return to the Hebrew and Greek, finding the true meaning of the Scripture.
Homiletics (2 Hours): The art and science of preaching. How to prepare and deliver a three-point sermonette or short devotion. Girls do the same course work as guys.
Minor Prophets (2 Hours): Survey of the minor prophetical books of the Old Testament.
Missions (3 Hours): Discover what missions is all about.

I.  Philosophy of missions

II. Practical Course–Medical helps, raising support, etc.

Music (2 Hours): The Lord desires that we make a joyful noise in worship to Him. Discover how music is a vital part of missions through studying the history, composers, hymn writers and how it is used in Scripture. This includes theory and practical singing.
Poetical Books (3 Hours): Look at God’s use of poetry in Scripture, by working through the books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon and Lamentations.
Pedagogy (2 Hours): Laws and methods of teaching. An overview of specific teaching techniques, how to develop class outlines and instruct different age groups.
Personal Evangelism (2 Hours): The need and method of personal evangelism. Special techniques taught as well as practical training. The study of world religions, Jehovah’s Witness and Mormon cults are discussed.
Prophecy (3 Hours): Understand the prophecies of the Old and New Testament through the studies of: the rules of interpretation, covenants, and the differing views in regard to Eschatology.
Revelation and Daniel (2 Hours): A close look at the books of Revelation and Daniel and their importance to us today.
Speech (2 Hours): Discover the art of public speaking and principles governing how speeches are to be written and executed.
Spiritual Life (2 Hours): Learn how to develop and maintain your spiritual walk with the Lord.

I.  Maintain the spiritual life using books such as On Being a Servant of God by Warren Wiersbe.

II. Study Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges.

Synthesis (3 Hours): An overview of the books of the Bible in order to gain higher understanding and truth from the Word of God.

I.     Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus

II.    Numbers to Ruth

III.   Samuel to Esther

IV.   O.T. Prophetical Books—Major Prophets

V.    Four Gospels—Life of Christ

VI.   Pauline Epistles—Letters written by Paul