Beginning of Teen Missions


Teen Missions was founded in 1970 with confidence that as young people experienced the mission field, God would call many to a life dedicated to world evangelism. Since that time, over fifty thousand teens and adults from the U.S. and Canada have experienced missions firsthand. They have assisted with evangelistic and building projects with more than one hundred established missions in over sixty countries.

Over the years, Teen Missions has developed into more than a short-term mission organization for young people. Now it offers many long-term opportunities, not only at the U.S. headquarters, but also overseas. Teen Missions has national staff members in 23 countries.

Beginning of Florida Free

The primary purpose of this ministry, however, is to challenge, train and disciple young people through exposure to worldwide missions. We pray many will see the need for training to meet the needs of the world today. Team members and leaders confirm that early exposure to missions was instrumental in defining their life goals and direction. Hundreds are now preparing for the specific task to which God has called them, or are already on the mission field. Often, former team members who want to serve the Lord are looking for a school that offers Biblical and practical training that allows them to go to the mission field debt free. Recognition of this need led to the formation of Teen Missions Florida Free Bible, Missionary, & Work Training Center (BMW).

The school began as an idea of the former Teen Missions Director, Robert M. Bland. On October 19, 1988, the Florida Free Bible, Missionary, & Work Training Center opened with 18 students. Some came thinking that they might have to sleep in tents, and others thought that they would have to wear boots all the time (which they do not), but all came with a desire to learn about God’s Word.

DSCN0203 Since then, BMW has expanded to Cambodia, Cameroon, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Malawi, Myanmar, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. As staff and facilities become available, we hope to open more schools.

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