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Many people do prayer as a show, using the biggest words they know and trying to sound sophisticated to impress others. But in actuality, it is not about others or what they think about our prayer. The purpose of prayer is to communicate with God, our heavenly Father. Prayer is a very important aspect in our relationship with God.

One of the very best examples of prayer would be the prayer that Jesus Himself taught us. This example can be found in Matthew 6:9-13; it is commonly known as “The Lord’s Prayer.” The first thing to be noticed in the prayer is Jesus’ reverence toward God. He does not start the prayer by saying “hey God what’s up? How you been old pal?” No, Jesus is respectful of even the name of God. He gives honor to God even in just the simple way He uses His name. We should address God by saying, “Our Heavenly father, Hallowed be Your name (Matthew 6:9)”. If even the Son of God is reverent in the way He addresses God, we know that we should be also.

The second thing to be considered in The Lord’s Prayer, is that Jesus looks for what God wants, not just a selfish request. No, Jesus starts by praying that God would have His will on both earth and heaven. He later goes on to ask for what He needs instead of asking for what He wants. God is not an ATM or a bank, where we just go to get what we want and leave as soon as we get it. We should always pray for God’s will first, and, when He gives an answer, even if we do not like it, we must accept it. He knows what is best for us; ask for His will to be done and we know that it will work out for good.With all this in mind, we should still ask for what we truly need. God does care about us and knows that there are some things that we need in life. God even knows about all the birds of the air and the flowers of the field (Matthew 25-34). He provides for them and if you ask, He will do the same for you. In Matthew 7:7-8, we are even told to ask; many times we do not have because we have not asked for what we need.

Prayer is not a time to show off how spiritual you are. If you pray to get people’s attention, then that will be the only reward you receive. Yes, people might think highly of you and be impressed, but if that is what you were aiming for, you are no better than a hypocrite. If this is the way you pray, you will have no reward from your heavenly Father (Matthew 6:1-2).

Instead, you should pray by seeking God’s attention by going off by yourself to seek Him. Do not go around announcing it to the whole world that you are praying; pray with a humble heart and seek after God. This is the kind of prayer that pleases the Lord (Matthew 6:3- 4).

Prayer is an essential part of spiritual warfare. There are some things that only prayer can accomplish, such as in Mark 9:29. In this example, the disciples had no power over demons without prayer. Prayer is a very powerful gift that God has given us with which we can fell the devil. With God the enemy does not stand a chance.

As for how often we should pray, Jesus’ prayer life is the perfect example of what one should be. In Matthew 14:23-25, Jesus goes off by Himself to pray. He had been busy all day teaching and feeding the crowd. But even so, Jesus made time to go and pray to His heavenly Father. He did not just pray for five or ten minutes, He spent hours conversing with God. Even though Jesus was perfect, He thought it essential to spend much time in prayer and we know that it is just as important for us to follow His example.

Last of all, prayer is a privilege God has given us. We are nothing! There is no reason God should take heed of us. But His love is so great that He wants to communicate with us. Because His love is so great, He has provided us with a means to communicate with Himself. The more we talk to God, the better. And by doing this we are the ones who receive a blessing. So, in essence, God has given us a blessing that will keep on blessing us as long as we continue to use His gift. “There has never been an instance yet of a man really seeking spiritual blessings from God without his receiving them” (Charles Spurgeon).


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