Work Training

The practical aspects of mission work are learned during the work-training portion of BMW. In the afternoon, students are assigned to a department at Teen Missions and assist with the department jobs in any way they are needed. This training gives practical exposure to the needs of the ministry and helps develop valuable skills. Some of the skills that are taught during work training are computer maintenance, secretarial and office skills, printing, video editing, graphic design and vehicle and facility maintenance. Students are a vital part of the Teen Missions headquarters, which enables the overseas ministries to operate.

Teen Missions also uses the property as a Christian Retreat Center when it is not being used by the summer programs.  Income from the retreats helps to support the Florida Free BMW.  Students are an important part of staffing for retreats – working in the kitchen, life guarding, or operating the snack bar as part of their training.

Departments with work training opportunities:

  • Computers
  • Finance
  • Graphics
  • International Operations
  • Maintenance/Mechanics
  • Personnel/Promotions
  • Printshop
  • Retreat/Conference Center
  • Summer Teams
  • Video

Students are a vital part of the headquarters operation that enables the overseas ministries to operate.  At the end of each term, the students’ work and training is evaluated.  Upon the completion of two years in the academic program, students receive a ‘Certificate in Work Training’ from the department in which they were trained.

Specialty Training

Students are also trained in specialty courses that will help them in their ministry.  They may receive training in things such as mechanics, motorcycles, and guitar.

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