Summer Ministry

Students work along side the Teen Missions staff during the Teen, Preteen, Peanut, and Mustard Seed Boot Camps.  Boot Camps responsibilities are assigned – lifeguard (pool or one of the lakes), bus driver, Obstacle Course judge, and/or team monitor, to name a few.  Commercial Drivers License and lifeguard training is made available to students who qualify in those areas.

Based on need of capability students are leaders on summer teams. First year students attend Leader Seminar before Boot Camp.  Summer involvement begins with the Early Boot Camp teams.

For more information on this summer ministry, you may go to the Teen Missions Website.


Other Ministries

Throughout the school year, the students participate in various ministries apart from the summer ministry with Teen Missions.  Many of the second year students have ministries with their local churches; participating in the worship band, helping with Sunday school and childrens’ ministry, evangelism teams, etc.  The students are also involved in group ministry from time to time.  When needed, the student body is sent to other Teen Missions locations to help with projects there.  There are also ministry projects the student do together in their local community in Florida.



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