• Must be a former team member or leader on a Teen Missions summer team in good standing. Students must have participated on a Teen Missions short term trip. Recommendation by team leaders is required.
  • Must be a high school graduate or have the equivalent G.E.D.
    Although Florida Free BMW is a Bible school and classes are taught at college level, GPAs are not a determining factor for admission.
  • Must have a personal relationship with Christ and a definite call to full-time missionary service. Because Florida Free BMW is a BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center, we require that all students have a definite call to missions.  The emphasis of the training is on missions work, with a goal to minister overseas.  Missionaries face many difficult situations on the mission field and Florida Free BMW prepares you to deal with many of those situations.
  • Must not be in debt or have other financial obligations. As a student you may not have a regular job.  With limited free time and an emphasis on study, the schedule does not allow even part-time employment.  Opportunities exist to do odd jobs on Saturday afternoons to earn spending money.  Outstanding loans or debts must be paid before coming to school.  Indebtedness can interfere with studies and future missions work.
  • Must have a working command of the English language. Teaching is done in English.  Non-native English speakers must be able to keep up in class, understand what is said and be able to do the class work.

To receive an application by mail please contact the BMW coordinator:

BMW Coordinator
c/o Teen Missions International
885 E. Hall Rd.
Merritt Island, FL 32953
(321) 453-0350
[email protected]

To Download PDF Click on Application below




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