Two years of Bible classes taught by local pastors and missionaries to provide you with a foundation to serve for a lifetime.


Be discipled and encouraged in your walk with the Lord as you develop lifelong friendships with likeminded individuals.


Experience missions first hand in your year-long internship at one of our 32 bases around the world.

About us

A three year, tuition-free, missionary training program

It is our passion for you to GROW spiritually, SERVE now and be DISCIPLED.

Teen Missions Partnership

Missional experience is essential and formative for our students 

Every Bible, Missionary, and Work Training Center student participates in a summer-long mission trip prior to acceptance into the program. The time serving on the field as a team member provides a framework in understanding what is involved in ministry and mission work.

Student Testimonials

I joined BMW not entirely knowing what I was getting into. It changed me in so many ways.  It was a hard three years, but three years I wouldn’t trade for anything. Being able to learn the Bible from start to finish and grow in my walk with the Lord is something I am beyond grateful for.  Be prepared for a lot of hard work, but also a lot of growth and joy in the Lord, knowing that if He has called you, He will also equip you to do His work.


Former BMW Student

Current Teen Missions Staff

God used BMW to change my life and shape my view of global missions. I am thankful for the teachers and staff at Teen Missions who taught me to let God’s Word shape and lead me through every decision, to place God’s glory above everything else and to fully trust Him with everything.


Former BMW Student

Currently serving in Malawi

I would not be serving in Malawi if it was not for the Bible, Missionary, and Work Training Center. After graduating high school, I joined BMW and my life has never been the same. I enjoyed my time as a student and all the fun we had as a class. I loved the classes and the teachers who imparted their wisdom to me. I still use many things that were taught in that classroom as I apply them to my day-to-day life in mission work. I also learned many practical skills that have been indispensable for the mission field in which I work. Most importantly, BMW prepared me spiritually for going to the ends of the earth, bringing the hope of the Gospel to a dying world.


Former BMW Student

Currently serving in Malawi

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