What Sets Florida Free Apart?


DSCN9038Florida Free exists to train missionaries to meet the tremendous need to tell others about Christ around the world. Training is provided at no cost to students so that they can be free of debt, allowing them to go to the mission field immediately after graduation.

“In light of recent events around the world, we realize there is an urgent need to tell others about Christ. All over the world there are people waiting to hear the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is the purpose of Florida Free Bible, Missionary, & Work Training Center (BMW) to train missionaries to meet these tremendous needs. The BMW Training Center is underwritten by Teen Missions International, Inc., so that those who attend and graduate can go to the mission field immediately without having to repay educational loans first.”

– Robert M. Bland, Director

Because the goal for Florida Free BMW students is to give them the opportunity to study God’s Word without the worry of financial obligation, a high standard of conduct is maintained. When you are accepted into Florida Free BMW, there is an implied agreement that you will be diligent in your studies and work training, and will obey the policies in the Student Handbook.

The school began as an idea of Teen Missions Director, Robert M. Bland. On October 19, 1988, the Florida Free Bible, Missionary, & Work Training Center opened with 18 students.

Because the classes are small, teachers are able to give personal attention to the students when there is a specific need. Emphasis is placed on God’s Word and missions.

DSCN0144Qualified local pastors and teachers, along with lay people from the U.S. and Canada, teach on a volunteer basis. Florida Free BMW course of study is comparable to accredited Bible schools. Some class work is recognized at other Bible colleges.

BMW accreditation is solely based on the Bible as God’s Word, which is the only rule of faith and practice, and not on any state or academic regulations or other outside influence.


  1. How can I participate in Bible school programme I am In Zimbabwe.

  2. I have a coupe questions. One, what is the max age required to go to this school? Two, I know that I know that I’m called to full time missionary and willing to go and do whatever it take to get there. But my question is, what if I don’t fix ALL the criteria? Will I not get excepted in your school?

  3. I was wondering if you got my questions I asked?

  4. Joseph A. Gonzalez

    I am interested in more information regarding the process to get into BMW. I am also interested in participating in the members mission trip to Madagascar or where the Lord will have me go. I have truly felt the calling of God for me to go and share the gospel. My mother supports my decision transferring out of secular college with a GPA of 3.9 and on the Dean’s list to fulfill the Lord’s purpose for my life.

  5. What criteria do you not meet?

  6. Yes, Sorry I did not get it before now. Please feel free to call or email with direct questions.

  7. We have a school in Zimbabwe that can train you.

  8. Please call the office for more information. Our number is 321-453-0350

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